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Why Choose The Kinky Boutique?

Welcome to The Kinky Boutique. We’re Sienna and Dani and we are the owners of The Kinky Boutique. We were very successful sellers of panties, tights and other fetish items on eBay for many years, but we closed down our selling profiles due to the restrictions placed on both us, as sellers, and you, the buyers. We love what we do and we know exactly what it is that you like and are looking for, and so The Kinky Boutique was born. A website where everyone can freely express their wishes and desires.

The Kinky Boutique is a site for thrill-seeking adults who relish the exciting and intimate scent of sexy ladies from all walks of life. Whether you’re yearning for used panties, tights, shoes or want to have a chat and request photos from our gorgeous girls, there’s something for everyone.

Take a look around, join in the fun, and unleash the fetish within. This is the place where you can be who you want to be.

Each KB Bunny will have their own private online stores filled with hot off the pussy panties of all types and a comprehensive profile for you to browse with pictures, personal details and information about the products and services they have on offer.

Registration is quick and easy. Purchase your panties and other items and services fresh from adventurous amateurs with a sense of fun and adventure. The Kinky Boutique is where you’ll discover real ladies who share your passion for well-worn panties, tights and other kinky items.

Join the party now and get your kink on today!

It’s that simple. We ensure that our sellers are genuine so you know that any photos you may be sent are the real deal. You can contact the KB Bunnies directly should you have any questions or specific requirements. As we are sellers on own site, nothing turns us on more than knowing that you fully enjoy what we send you and that you’re getting exactly what you want. We expect nothing less than the best from all the hot ladies here too.

With a range of ages, sizes & nationalities, you can get that sexy aroma from a range of real women that meet your own personal tastes and needs. Don’t be shy! Tell us what you like – your wish is our command!

We take your privacy very seriously and you can pay safely and securely. 

Sign up today to The Kinky Boutique and try a range of terrific adult services and an exceptional selection of freshly worn panties, and other items, direct from the sellers.

Accurate ratings system

Our accurate ratings system allows you to rate your favourite panty sellers. You can also browse previous ratings to see how any panty supplier measures up.

100% anonymity

Your privacy is always assured. You’ll be 100% anonymous at all times and we never share your details with third parties or other companies. Just make sure that you don’t use your real name for your user name if you wish to remain anonymous!

Video link & Live Chat

Video and live chat will be coming to The Kinky Boutique very soon – stay tuned for more information!

Join the party and get your kink on today! Sign up now.