Seller FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and runs The Kinky Boutique and why did it come about?

We are Sienna and Dani, women like you who wanted to earn some extra cash whilst having fun at the same time. So, in 2013 we began our journey of selling our worn panties and tights through eBay. We quickly became top sellers, earning in excess of 2k per month! But the highs came with the lows, we were charged extortionate fees by eBay and PayPal and we were always running the risk of being exposed to our buyers finding out our real identity via PayPal. We also faced the frustration of eBay regularly removing our listings and on occasions suspending our accounts for up to 30 days at a time, crippling our earning potential! We wanted to help others to sell more easily, safely, in a more fun environment, So KB was born!

I’d love to become a KB Bunny! What does it cost to join the #kbarmy?

We do not charge any commission on the items that you sell, therefore you keep the money you have earned. There’s no time limit on how long your product is visible to buyers, unlike other sites. Your items will remain on the site until you remove them. To enable us to maintain, drive traffic to and moderate the site, and act upon suggestions for improvement by our members, we charge a small monthly membership of £15. We also partake in regular marketing activity to drive more buyers to The Kinky Boutique to increase your sales.

Can my friend share my membership to advertise her products and services?

No. We do not allow you to share a profile with friends or other fetish sellers. Memberships must be purchased individually enabling you to create your own personalised, unique profile / Boutique. You must use your own photos when modelling any items you have for sale. We will not tolerate any member using another members’ photos. Any breaches of our policies will result in an account being terminated.

Do I have to verify myself to customers?

No. Not unless you want to. This seems to be something people use to get free pictures.You can have “verified seller” status on by verifying with us. All your information is kept completely safe and will only be seen by KBHQ staff. You can contact to verify. Some sites ask sellers to send panties as a way to verify! We do not and don’t feel that it is an appropriate method of verification. We want to know you are a) female and b) who you say you are.

When listing your products and services we advise that you do not show your face to protect your identity. We do all we can to ensure your anonymity. However, this is your choice. We cannot be held responsible for any incident that has taken place if you have released your identity.

Can you tell me more about the anonymous payment system?

From our own experience and research into the marketplace, one of the biggest concerns amongst underwear sellers was the risk of their identity and personal information being exposed to buyers through payment gateways such as PayPal. Once you become a member we will send you a welcome email with further instructions and advice.

How much can I expect to make selling my items?

It is entirely down to you. The more you effort you put into your business, the more you get out! If you’re unsure of pricing, check out the other kbbunnies boutiques.

How do I sell items?

You must be a member to sell your products and services. If you are a member, you can create your profile and Boutique and fill it with all items you have for sale. You will receive an email when you become a KBBunny which will include a guide.

Why can I not use PayPal when selling adult products and servies?

The Terms and Conditions on PayPal advise that ‘Adults Only’ transactions are not allowed to be used in conjunction with the Paypal Service.

There is a chance that by breaking these rules it could results with sellers and buyers losing their PayPal account. Furthermore it could include your funds, and you could also be issued with a fine.

The Kinky Boutique recommends Circle Pay. You just need to download the app!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We do not sell or give any of our members’ information to any third parties. We take your privacy very seriously.

How do I become a “Featured” Seller?

Members can become featured in several ways. The simplest method is just to be an active user of the site and participate regularly. Every fortnight members’ activity will be reviewed and members will be added to the featured section if appropriate.

How do I set up my boutique and start adding items?

You should have received a welcome email just after you signed up, which also contains user guides from mobile and laptop. If you haven’t received the email please let us know

I am having issues uploading images.

Firstly try logging out and back into your account again. When you are uploading a product, try to complete all the other information field ie. Product description, then save the product without uploading a photograph. Back under products on your dashboard, select the newly added product, click edit and then try to upload the image again. If you’re successful, save the product and continue selling! If you’re still experiencing difficulty having tried the above, please email and a member of the technical team will be in touch within the next 24 hours to help resolve your issue.

I have an issue with another member. What do I do?

The Kinky Boutique is not responsible for transactions between members and therefore cannot provide reimbursement for transactions gone wrong. Please make sure you are comfortable with the buyer or seller before attempting a transaction. If you do have a problem with a user or transaction, do let us know by contacting us through the appropriate email address listed on the site. Abuse and fraud is not tolerated here and may result in removal of the problem member from the site but we must be made aware of any problem so that we can investigate.

I am being asked for an activation code but I’ve not received one.

Log out of your account and back in again. You do not need an activation code to access your account. This is an issue with the site that we are working on rectifying.

How do I cancel my membership?

You have two options. You can either delete your account entirely from the site by going to your profile, then settings, then delete account.

Alternatively, we can just cancel your membership until you are ready to come back so you don’t lose all your details and images. If you wish to cancel please email

What if I have a question not answered here?

We are confident that members will find our site easy to use and navigate. There are lots of help and advice pages to assist you whilst using the site. If you cannot find what you’re looking for please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ Form. You will receive a friendly, accurate response. We aim to respond within 24 hours.