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How It Works

So, you want to make some easy cash? Who Doesn’t?! The Kinky Boutique is the online market place for you.

Firstly, you’ll need to set up your profile (check out the profile guidance page here) and don’t worry you don’t have to use your real name, we respect your privacy so feel free to choose a pseudonym for your profile name.

You’ll then need to select the categories of the products or services you want to offer. You can add some personal information (the sexier the better!) to your profile and then add products that you currently have on offer.

You may have worn panties or other underwear readily available to purchase. You can add these as a new product for a buyer to purchase outright. Once the buyer has purchased and your account is showing the monies received, you will need to post your items and confirm to the buyer that their item is on the way. See more information on selling here.

We encourage our buyers to contact The KB Bunny sellers to request any specific items they wish to purchase, or to ask questions about the products or services they are interested in. The more interaction you can have with a potential buyer, and the more tailored you can make your offering, the higher price you are likely to receive for your goods.

If you are agreeing the sale of a specific item with a buyer and you have agreed on a price, you can create a new product within your online store and send the buyer a link so they can purchase and complete payment as normal.

Once the item has been received by your buyer, we encourage them to go on to leave a review of your product and service. We would also like you to do the same for the buyer. If, for any reason, the buyer is not satisfied, we ask them to contact you first to try and resolve the issue before posting a review. If your issue is unresolved, please contact The Kinky Boutique team who will be more than happy to assist.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW. Join the party and start selling your used underwear today.