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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase items?

You need to be a registered member of The Kinky Boutique before you can purchase or interact with The Kinky Boutique Bunnies (sellers). Sign up now.

You can find items that you wish to buy either by searching in a category i.e ‘panties or tights’, or by a seller’s username, or the name of the KB Bunnies personal boutique that they have created.

You can pay securely using Circle Pay. Simply download the app. Set up is quick and easy.

Please always contact the seller, via the private messaging service, to ask for any special requests, bespoke items or specific requirements you may have when looking to make a purchase.

What Happens If I Have a Problem Transaction with another Kinky Boutique Member?

First protocol is to have a reasonable discussion with the seller to see if an arrangement can be completed.  If, after further negotiations, no resolution can be attained then you will need to contact help@thekinkyboutique.co.uk to officially log the details of the dispute.  Your case will be passed to a moderator, who will review the information supplied from both parties involved in the transaction, and provide a solution to the issue.

When will my item be shipped?

The seller of the item is instantly notified that the item has been purchased and will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements for shipping. The buyer and seller will agree a shipping method that works well for both. The Kinky Boutique is not involved in the shipping of any goods in any way. Buyer and seller are solely responsible for making sure that the payment for and shipping methods are appropriate, and legal, for the item involved.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Yes. We do not sell or give any of our members’ information to any third parties. We take your privacy very seriously. The only information released is your shipping address to the seller. The Kinky Boutique website is a secure payment site with accredited SSL certificate so your personal information remains secure.

Why is PayPal not allowed when Selling and Buying used underwear?

The Terms and Conditions on PayPal advise that ‘Adults Only’ transactions are not allowed to be used in conjunction with the Paypal Service.

There is a chance that by breaking these rules it could results with sellers and buyers losing their PayPal account. Furthermore it could include your funds funds, and you could also be issued with a fine.

The Kinky Boutique recommends Circle Pay. You just need to download the app!

How can I let others know of my transaction experience with a seller or buyer?

Members’ reviews of transactions are very important! When your transaction is completed please leave a rating and feedback for the seller and transaction.